Dermal Filler Course

Dermal Filler Course


Two Day Course

Learning Objectives

These modules aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the lip and perioral anatomy, assessment, and safe treatment options to volumise, project, and provide natural enhancement.


  • Introduction
  • Lip anatomy
  • Assessing lips.
  • Product ranges and how they provide different results
  • Lip filler technique
  • Trends in lip treatments
  • Treatment contraindication
  • Post-treatment recommendations
  • Complications

Patient Consultation

  • Managing patient expectations
  • Facial assessment
  • Patient selection
  • Patient education
  • Facial mapping to improve injection accuracy

Lip Filler Treatments

  • Indications and contraindications
  • Product selection and storage
  • Injection volumes
  • Needle technique
  • Cannula technique

Live model practical lip filler training

  • Definition of the lip vermilion border
  • Volumisation of the lip body
  • Lip lifting
  • lip flip
  • Increasing projection of the lip to create ideal proportions
  • Lifting of the lip corners
  • Lip vectoring and tenting
  • Cupids Bow Enhancement
  • Upper lip lines/creases
  • Perioral volumisation

During our practical training session you will experience

  • Hands on injecting with real life models that we provide on the day
  • Prescribing Dr who will offer support on the day
  • Supervised by trainer to provide support while injecting

Our courses are not designed to compress multiple indications in one day. Our goal is for students to leave confident and satisfied.

Medical Disclaimer

Note: Any certificate from The Cosmetic Lounge Academy will not qualify you to advise on or diagnose any medical condition.

Practical Training

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Your comprehensive hands-on training will be supervised by highly-skilled and experienced aesthetic trainers.  The training sessions run in small groups of students, ensuring your opportunity to practice is enhanced. All treatments are performed on live cosmetic models and you will have plenty of opportunities to inject and treat models on the course training days. Ample time is allocated to this part of the day, so that you are confident to practice independently upon completion of your course.

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